Social Media

As the world moves more and more online, it is critical for the new generation of young professionals to be fully literature in all things ‘social media’. I’m more than comfortable creating content and managing the following social platforms:

I have had some experience with social media management through voluntary basis. I got the opportunity to schedule posts through Sprout Social and create original content. I also conducted a social media audit and strategic social media 2 month plan.

Here is a sample of the social media audit I conducted:


  1. Achieve 500 – 1000 new downloads of Sale Pointer through the prompt of Social media initiatives.
  2. Increase GTA community interaction and brand recognition by 100%.
  3. Assume a strong online presence with a revamp and creation of at least 3 main media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


  • Revamping the way the existing pages in terms of look and the brand image – giving the brand a more young, fun feel.
  • Creating meaningful interactions and content that are not just centered around the downloading of the app, but the overall brand representation
  • Distinguishing Salepointer from Similar Apps on a social media standpoint


  • Promotions that include Uber promotional codes, Contest entries (if you download and register for you app, you’ll get a chance to win a prize… especially effected during back to school time and campus orientation events)
  • Push the extra 10% deal Sale Pointer Users get on already discounted items
  • Feature Back to School promotions and tips starting the second week of August to the Mid-September
  • Targeting Segmented groups through Google Analytics


  • The goal of this plan will be attempted to be fulfilled within 3 months; starting from August 2, 2016 to November 2nd, 2016. The overall trajectory of this plan is to spread awareness and push downloads of Sale Pointer.

Facebook Goals:

  • Likes: 50 overall likes a week on posts
  • Shares: 20 overall shares a week of posts
  • Followers (of the page): at least 150 new followers a month

Twitter Goals:

  • Retweets & Interactions: 100 overall per month
  • Favourites: 50 per month favourites per month
  • Followers: 150 followers per month

Audit of Sale Pointer (Dream Vision) Social Presence

Social Media Site URL Followers Last Activity Date Actions
Facebook UNAVAIABLE ? ? ·        Create a public profile for Sale Pointer

·        Start reaching out and interacting with similar pages

Twitter 67 Jan 16, 2016 ·        Revamp the look of the page

·        Prompt meaningful interactions with consumers that adhere to the target  groups

·        Share more attention grabbing content (other than just advertising the app)

·         Interact directly with university accounts, student associations, young mothers, ect.

·        Post 3 – 4 times a week

·        10 – 15 direct interactions every week

Itunes Rated 4+ Jan 4, 2016 ·        Push more buzz towards downloads

·        Get more reviews! To build legitimacy

LinkedIn [Brain Vision]



32 n/a ·        Establish a more indepth, full profile


n.a ? ·        Needs to push back to the social media platforms

·        Maybe a section for Q &As being answered



Competitor Social Profiles Strengths Weaknesses Content That Resonates
Flipp Website ·        Sleek and visually stimulating

·        The use of bright colours prompts interest

·        Have to look through flyers even through it is paperless


·        Visually stimulating

·        Large Retailers featured in the flyers

Itunes ·        Rated 4+, with  ‎25,202 votes

·        Shopping List

·        Flyer view, congested and busy

·        Not including smaller local retailers

Facebook ·        Bright colours and professional looking cover gives it legitimacy right of the bat

·        They have a blog that shares more than just prompts to download the app

·        They created their own hashtag for their social media contest s


·        They share a lot of the same posts over and over again



People Talking About This


Total Page Likes


New Page Likes



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