I am a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa Communications program. Now that I am back in Toronto, I’m pursuing my passion for writing and design. I blog about my adventures and often times, the taboos of the post-graduate millennial reality! Aside from writing lifestyle posts, I also love to share my creative process — blogging about DIY projects and Fashion.

Aside from my blog, which is more of a fun expression of myself; I also have background in more formal, corporate writing. I have experience with writing reports, communication plans, essays, independent research reports, environmental scans, research reports, literary analysis,  formal articles and also
statistical analysis’s. I thoroughly enjoy the research component to formal writing — in fact, its my favorite part! As a history buff and curious soul, I find in-depth research rather stimulating.

My communication abilities reaches farther than behind the screen! With almost 4 years of marketing and brand representation experience, I am more than comfortable starting a conversation with complete strangers. Whether we talk about a particular brand or a completely random Tumblr meme; I always maintain not only myself as a brand, but the values of whatever company I so happen to be representing.

Overall, I try to bring a millennial approach to whatever content I am producing. Although I like to say current and relevant to the growing online culture, I also bring professionalism and ethical conduct to whatever project I work on!